Some of you may be familiar with my work on Youtube and maybe you were even introduced to Cardano in my December 13, 2017 video where I bought my first 15,000 ADA.

While so many are chasing DEFI gains and neglecting the fundamentals of blockchain technologies in hopes of making 1,000% returns before getting potentially rug pulled, I’ve always maintained my stance on the crypto space as having a focus on fundamentals, team and progress.

Before I get too deep I wanted to make it clear that, yes, Charles H and I have a friendly relationship and we sometimes chat on Telegram about random things. I have been working on bringing other ERC-20 based projects to Cardano such as Celsius Network, SoMee Social and others. However, I dont know what the public doesn’t know. That is fact. I’ve seen comments on Twitter about my relationship with Charles and me making big ADA buys from knowing things from our conversations. Charles is the CEO of an $11 Billion company. He’s not going to risk all that feeding private information to some Youtuber, regardless of how much he may like or appreciate me. Just not how he rolls, believe me, I’ve tried poking and prodding for Coinbase information. This is why when I asked him in my live interview between him and Alex Masinsky “When coinbase?”, he blurted out “Fuck you!” and laughed. He just wont spill anything that isn’t public and I continue trying. haha

When I first discovered cryptocurrencies in 2017, back when I was building mortgage branch offices and shooting quite Youtube videos out of my office so as not to disturb my employees, I set out to share what I learned in this new frontier. Nothing more. What I saw was what appeared to be an endless sea of projects grabbing at public cash and garnering interest of the public through promise of great and amazing new things. We saw new projects rise and fall, scams and more.

The wild west of crypto created many new wealthy individuals while other suffered heavy losses. We saw bag holders of old fudding and trolling rising stars and Cardano was part of a lot of that FUD.

My first video about Cardano was when ADA was just .13 cents, before the run up to $1.33 just a couple of months later. Since then, the price has fallen to a low of .02 cents. There was a point when I could have bought over 420,000 ADA for just 1 BTC…and I didn’t do it. I have been forever kicking my own butt since that one and only opportunity. I didn’t do it because I felt that as bullish as I was on ADA, Bitcoin is such a sure thing and I already owned a decent sum of ADA. What a mistake that was.

I’ve since accumulated more ADA while continuing to stay abreast of the latest in development, partnerships and overall growth.

I got into ADA because I knew that it’s development cycles, while long and at times extended and a constant focal point of FUD by bag holders of other projects including ETH, were also progressive. With a focus on being able to migrate ERC20 projects to Cardano, interoperability, scalability and so much more including meta data and the like, I knew that this project would take time. In the grand scheme of things, the fact that Cardano has come as far as it has in the time it has is still near miraculous.

Cardano drives my passion because of the passion and work going into it and for the reasons behind that passion. It’s blatantly obvious that ADA isn’t a get rich quick scheme or some fad project that will rise and vanish like so many others. It’s not a pipe dream token. It an answer to so many problems affecting the current generation of smart contract based platforms with a vast array of added functionality to achieve true adoption within the masses for whatever reason best suits their needs.

Why build a butter knife over night when you can have a table of silverware for any occasion in a little more time?

Overall, every time I hit to buy Button on a limit order for ADA, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Between my staking nodes, my Youtube videos and my putting my money where my mouth is, I believe I’m not only helping to build the global foundation from which Cardano will continue to flourish in the ways I can, but I’m hopefully helping others see what I see as it compares to what else is out there.

I have always been bullish on projects like Celsius Network, Utrust, DIVI and others, each for their own reasons, but when it comes to becoming the true King of decentralized infrastructure platforms, I believe Cardano will be taking the world by storm post Goguen.

Be well Cardano community and thanks for reading my ramble. 🙂