What Are Crow Score Audits?

Ladies and Gentleman, I am truly excited to announce something I’ve been wanting to do for years is finally happening. To the point that I am excited, emotional and finally able to breath again in the alt coin space, I bring your Crow Score, Audits.

Back in 2017 I left my career in building up mortgage companies at the discovery of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. I dove in deep and found a passion that took me to new levels in understanding the future of finance, gaming and digital technologies. By November of 2017 I launched my Youtube channel where I showed the world how I turned $3,000 into $90,000 in 60 days and I began to amass a following of over 2,500 subscribers daily. I dove deep into countless ICO projects at the time, providing reviews and how-to content as I further explored this era of disruption with excitement and vigor while ultimately discovering Cardano and discovering what would ultimately change my life forever.

At the time I had invested into 35 different crypto projects from the perspective of a Venture Capitalist. Out of the 35 projects, likely 5 will become winners as the rest fall away and those 5 will rise in valuation enough to offset losses of the rest. Well, in the world of crypto it’s a bit different. Of the 35 were companies like Celsius Network, Utrust and Cardano. As the 2017 bull market peaked, of course everything dropped dramatically and only a handful recovered in the 2021 market cycle. Over time I began consolidating the gains from these various projects into what was continuing to build and out perform the rest which was Cardano, a prominent Layer 1 3rd Generation blockchain focused on academic peer reviewed development and true decentralization. Utrust performed well in the 2017 cycle but began to fall off and has since become xMoney with a variety of products in the market, though Celsius peaked at about $7 a token, twice and I took my exit the 2nd time after watching its flow for years figuring it may be the peak and it turned out to be the case as Celsius fell apart and its founder Alex Mashinksy turned out to not be the man we all thought he was.

After watching all of this unfold and ultimately Cardano becoming the king of everything since 2017, I began really struggling even talking about other blockchain projects. Not because I dont believe they can’t perform well, but because most of what is hot today and likely run up in value to the peak of the cycle probably wont exist or be performing much by the next cycle and those holding their tokens not knowing when to sell will get burned. The problem is, I get an abundance of requests to review or talk about so many projects in the space and I’ve grown over cautious. This is why I’ve launched two initiatives starting now!

#1. I am launching a monthly membership service for crypto enthusiasts looking to better understand the blockchain space and receive regular updates, project reviews, tips, prediction calculations, security advice and much more in efforts to make sure I can help as many people as possible change their lives in 2024 and into the 2025 peak. I called the 2021 market peak on Twitter on April 13th and everyone flamed me. Later that afternoon I said it was likely a 2 peak market with another coming and people laughed, so I didn’t bother updating everyone on anything else. This time, those that want to know these things can and will in my membership publication.

#2. With the help of my partner, Eli Skandadore, we’ve built a power house team of major veterans in the tech space to launch the Crow Score Audits. When I used to review projects in the past I focused on things like the Team, Tokenomics and other related focus points in effort to valuate a projects potential, but not being an engineer or developer myself, I couldn’t get into the real root of the projects. Now, all of those things will be looked into along with a litany of other items. Crow Score Audits will become a mainstay metric for Web3 much like a Certik Audit for smart contract security. Crypto influencers will reference these audits in their review segments because we will be going deeper than anyone else can and the companies that purchase these packages will be doing so in good faith in efforts to show the world that they are legitimate operations, here for the long haul as we all work towards changing the world.

Crow Score Audit Breakdown

A Crow Score Audit (Or assessment if you will) will be made up of 7 Major focus points.

#1. Team and Advisors

Who are the founding members of the project. What is their level of experience. Are they doxxed or hiding in the shadows? Do they have a career that merits the money they are seeking for their operation and how likely will this team make their project a success in the marketplace? Who are the teams advisors? Do they have a notable reputation with something to lose? What is their history or exists and how deeply involved are they? Are they involved by name only in exchange for a fee or are they truly playing an advisory role to help the success of the project with steak in the game?

#2. Project Concept & Whitepaper

What is the concept for the project? What is the value proposition in their vertical? Can this project disrupt a 1 million dollar market or a 1 Trillion dollar market and how does their Whitepaper reflect their plans for execution? How much of their white paper been written by AI or copied from others? Is this a real project with potential?

#3. Tech and Development

Blockchain projects will submit their Github accounts for code audits by the Crow Score team. How clean and professional is their code? How much of it is written by AI vs a seasoned coder? (Devs use AI for code all the time now and isn’t a bad thing) What shortcuts may have been taken? Any glaring issues or holes in the code we can discover?

#4. Tech Execution

Is the team utilizing the best tech for their use case? What is their dev flow? How many devs on staff building? Is the project open source?

#5. Tokenomics

How do the tokenomics of the project compare to others in the space with similar goals? What percentage of the tokens are retained by the Team, Advisors and insiders? How are the tokens distributed and to who?

#6. Authenticity

Is this a real effort to disrupt a market or simply a cash grab? A culmination of the previous focus points come together from a different angle to establish whether the project is a true effort or another flash in the pan.

#7. Legitamacy

How do all of the previous focus points relate to similar projects that have come before them and what separates this team, their dev, tech and the like from everyone else?

The Crow Score

The final score is a tally of all of the focus points above with a max score of 20pts. The detailed report is created and minted as an NFT on the Cardano Blockchain for review by the projects team. This is to ensure the validity of our report and to make sure that nobody can create their own fake Crow Score Audit Reports. Other influencers will have access to these reports to help them in their own research as they work to establish content for their own review segments for their fans as well.

The Crow Score Team

Crypto Crow – Crypto Educator since 2017, known as the giant, sometimes emotional and always genuine, hard hitting personality on Youtube. Self employed most of his life since High School, Jason Appleton has found success in web design, the music business, pro/am MMA promotion, the mortgage industry and crypto. A leader who leads with integrity and a desire to improve the lives of everyone around him.

Eli Skandadore – 3 x 100M+ Startups Founding Executive / Team Member / Engineer, Co-inventor of FlyKitt (Jet Lag Cure used by US Special Forces, US Men’s National Soccer Team), Co-inventor of OutcomeMD, Architect on FOX’s First and Only 4K Superbowl, Architect of NFL’s move to Microservices

Daniel Ice – 20 years in Technology, 12 years e-commerce, 5 years crypto, and 11 years as a CTO/Vice President of Engineering. He built an ICO Platform that raised $200 million for 12 clients and distributed $2 Billion in assets. Daniel is a frequent conference speaker, judge of hackathons, and appeared as a judge on CNBC Crypto’s Whale Tank. He has 25+ due diligence projects, including $1.3B bid to purchase Magento from eBay. 

Keith Hoerling – Bootstrapping startup-through-enterprise, growing multiple commas of sustainable revenue, leadership in software (especially distributed web3) and team building are a few of Keith’s specialties.

2024 and 2025 will be pinnacle years for the blockchain space and our goal is to provide the best perspective possible through educated, veteran lenses.


Crow Score’s are NOT to be considered financial advice and are NOT an offering for securities in any way. Crow Score’s, while thorough do not necessarily reflect the actual potential outcome of a project and are meant merely to be used as a guide. Projects with a lower score could potentially achieve great things while projects with high scores could fall apart. Anything is possible in crypto and investing in crypto projects is high risk. Never invest more than you can afford to lose and always do your own research or consult with licensed professionals.

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