They often say that perception is reality. One who can manipulate the perception of others can control the world. Over the years we have seen the result of vast networks of manipulation while also further increasing the division not only within the United States, but the UK, Australia, Canada and other countries as puppets for those in control of the money and influence and the media that seeks to receive that money in the form of advertising while the corporate interests and Big Pharma receive it in the form of profits.

The Twisted Times NFT collection is a satirical and comedic expression of these crazy times meant to bring people together from both sides of the political isle towards a common effort.

As you look at each of the NFT’s in the collection, know that within every one of them lies a code, a cypher or a puzzle or a combination of such that must be solved. There are 24 NFT’s in the collection and a total of 24 seed phrase words that when combined in order will unlock the Twisted Times Treasure Chest, otherwise known as a Cardano blockchain wallet containing a growing number of ADA from the secondary market resale royalties of the collection as a whole.

To date, nobody has solved all 24 of the puzzles and it’s been so long now, I don’t even remember how to crack all of them. Teams have come together in attempts to solve them in discord and Telegram to no avail. Who do you trust when only one will win? Until some tenacious soul finds the means to unlocking the treasure, the rest of you can watch it passively grow over time as you enjoy a laugh at the expense of those that inspired these great pieces of art. If by now you cant laugh at how gullible you’ve been all these years, you should probably at least cry and hope for a change that doesn’t involve your judgment. 😊

Actually Andy is a funny chap that loves to hang out at all hours in gaming stores spreading his vast knowledge of all things lore. Nobody but he is capable of knowing every nuance of Magic The Gathering, Warhammer 40k or quite literally any game in existence for your efforts to share anything will undoubtedly meet his interjection of “Actually, the Gargon battle took place in 3256, not 3255 and thats because the Gargon leader ate bad food in 55 that causes him massive weight loss so he couldn’t fit into his custom one of a kind armor and he had to spend almost a year to gain back the weight. You would know this if you read the 802 book series 16 times like I did.”

Years ago a conspiracy theory provocateur by the name of Alex Jones professed to his viewers how the government is turning frogs gay by putting chemicals in the water. After his blanket cancellation and censorship from all social media and media platforms, studies have since come out showing that the Angry Mad Man may not have been so crazy after all and studies have shown there may more truth to the story than everyone thought, however you wont find those stories or articles on search engines easily as they have all been suppressed by the abundance of anti Jones propaganda or reports on the various lawsuits against Jones in efforts to further discredit his many bold claims.

Cardano is a piece that represents the blockchain with its sights on the bloated and slow predecessor, Ethereum. Known for its astronomical transaction fees and bottlenecking in a bull market constantly trying to patch holes like a sinking ship, Ethereum while 2nd generation tech that ushered in smart contracts after Bitcoin rose to fame, left many flaws from which spawned the creation of Cardano which is expected to sweep the markets by 2025.

Covid Karen represents every person who used the pandemic as an excuse to lord over others in a self righteous path to hypocrisy over something the Lord Karen Fauci himself said didn’t work well against a virus. Covid Karen demonstrated what its like to be insecure, scared and completely manipulated by the mass media who were all profiting from big Pharmas fat wallets at a time when everything was “brought to you by Pfizer!”

In a Constitutional Republic, the term Democracy is the new code word for Banana Republic whereby the controlled demolition of one party is the will of the vocal minority as the media leads us to believe they are the majority and votes for an opposing party are better suited for the biological waste removal from ones person or to contain a leafy green weed that when lit ablaze helps you get through another day working at the coffee shop as you judge your supposed wealthy oppressors.

Ethereum is represented in this piece as an overweight and slow blockchain bottle necking in a bull market as people pay insanely high fees while waiting for their pricy transactions to confirm.

Fake News is represented by the good ole Tell A Vision, a box that emits sights, sounds and other mind altering signals that are meant to divide people for the sake of control and profit. As advertising dollars flow in, the media is all for supporting its advertising partners and maintaining as high a rating as possible while spewing as many lies and propaganda pieces as necessary to pay the bills. Since the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act was smushed which originally kept the reins on the media, the seed was planted that quickly became a full fledged garden of trash by 2016. Today we see the media as something out of a dystopian movie. When the news comes on, people watching it suddenly turn on and wait for instruction as if being hypnotized.

Freedom today isn’t about being free but the illusion of Freedom and the restrictions will only continue to grow as we allow those pushing the buttons for the corporate interests funding everyone’s campaigns to flourish in their efforts. First is censorship which we see in abundance today and it wont be long before our only means of defending ourselves against a tyrannical regime will be taken away as well.

Future Employment is the overall goal of groups such as the World Economic Forum. Once we are used to staying in 15 minute cities with no options for variety of life or out of fear of the growing list of pandemics on the schedule, we will be more excited by the idea of living in Matrix like capsules as we are plugged into a virtual metaverse as cricket milkshakes are pumped into us to keep us alive as we work in maintaining, living in or enhancing the virtual realm of our choice.

Halfway Harvey, oh what a soul. A foot in the grave with the other being forcefully shoved up some hopeful starlet’s backside for kicks. A dirty ole bastard with an insatiable thirst for people that wanted the fame and fortune so bad they were willing to play hide the pickle with a monster of a man.

King Tooter represents the period where news media had everyone so afraid of a potential toilet paper shortage that everyone immediately ran out to buy it all at once for no real reason at all. I call it a social experiment, others may call it a training drill, but for a little while, those who could help you wipe your bum were Kings and Queens of the neighborhood. What would you do for 5 sheets of double ply if you were prairie doggin it for two hours and nowhere to turn?

Lefty Lucy is such a treat as she mastered the art of the angry Tweet. Complete with the censorship arm of the left, this angry Tweeter could say anything to anyone with pride and self-righteous indignation knowing that any recourse containing facts or even bad attitude would be wiped clean as if King Tooter himself supplied the TP. Yes, this man hating feminist lives with her angry cats that only have love for her  and all of the empty boxes that once contained the gifts from her Only Fans customers.  

New Wealthy represents the generation of tech savy nerds that had a work smarter not harder mentality and likely skipped the indoctrination camps of the Ivy Leagues in favor of a self learning methodology. Now many of them are employing those that were successfully trained through years of schooling and debt accumulation on how to work for someone else while trying to prepare the late comers how to ignore the ones that want to keep them trapped in a treadmill but are too indoctrinated to care.

Offensive Oliver is just a plain regular dude that finds himself somehow offending everyone around him with no idea why. He held a door open for a lady and she lambasted him for it. He didn’t hold the door for another and she lambasted him for it. Everything he does is wrong and when he asks for an explanation hes told to stop being a racist.

Philanthropy is about the art of making endless profits at the expense of those you are supposedly helping.

Politics is the art of putting your constituents in a bubble of control to make it easier to suck out as much tax money as possible while fueling the corporate interests that contribute to your campaigns for office. They swing the pendulum back and forth to inspire one side or the other to support the taking away of the rights the opposing tribe holds dear like a rope above a candle flame until finally, it snaps and the blade comes falling down. Nobody ever wins but the politicians and corporations but, the illusion of choices sure makes it all interesting.

Q Anon, likely a nerd and his dad plugging away at conspiracy theories at all hours of the day or night throwing so much shit to a wall some of it was bound to stick. I’m still waiting for JFK to show up at a rally so I can ask him who shot em and I’m hoping he brings Elvis because the music today sucks so bad I’d rather listen to talk radio.

Right vs Left is exactly what the image presents, a play for public to give the illusion of choice as those watching don’t even realize they are in a prison of their own making.

Righty Ronnie represents the right wing politician that bows down to the left because he either fears what they are willing to do to him, his career or his reputation if he doesn’t let them do what they want. I often view the Right as controlled opposition to the Left’s agenda over generations put in place to bark but never bite. If any of them bite, they have to be put down and made sure to never be elected to office again.

The Advisor represents the Alien being we supposedly have locked up in a bunker miles under Groom Lake that tells us what to do and offers us technology in exchange for humans to do with as they may. Probably because their tractor beams shine too brightly and they cant suck up people without getting seen on Tiktok nowadays and the gov wasn’t able to shut Tiktok down to keep us from sharing information so they had to work out a deal. Maybe trafficking isn’t what we think and all those that go missing are just playing in a human team of Blood Bowl on another planet.

Fiant Money is represented as the photo in the film Back To The Future. The man is slowly vanishing from time as if to never have existed at all.

Independence is represented by the greedy and power hungry hands that control everything within their sphere of influence and those inside it having no idea. We think we are free and actually fighting one another for change we care about but in reality, we are just pawns in a snowglobe waiting to be shaken into a frenzy for the enjoyment of others.

Future Human is a product of generations of our current direction. Before long there wont be anymore races, differences in appearance, gender or other differentiating features as we will have cancelled them all in favor of anything less offensive, racist of dividing. If Grey aliens exist, they likely come from an Earth like planet light years ahead of our planet in time and are a product of the course we are heading toward. Between the growing number of plastic surgeries, the confusion being instilled in our youth, the insecurities being instilled in everyone, all by corporations that profit from it all as we search for ways to spend our money to feel like someone else, bigger, stronger, more beautiful etc, it wont be long until we all look like the future human and if you don’t, you’ll be cast out of society by everyone else that does because you’ll make them too uncomfortable to be around you.

Unity represents what could happen if everyone admitted they were as ignorant as they are and stopped looking towards the hands controlling the division for help and instead came together to sort our differences of opinion, needs, desires and came to various compromises that benefited everyone’s overall interests. We can all thank Rockefeller for our education systems that were never actually meant to educate but to indoctrinate workers to begin with. The idea that we send our youth to expensive schools to obtain useless degrees while starting them off in life with accumulating debt and a sense of entitlement all for klout and bragging rights…its hilarious. A treadmill of life that you’re never supposed to be able to break out of until you’re old enough to retire and hope your 401k is still there because social security sure wont be as the politicians already sent that to some other country they use to launder campaign contributions for the next election cycle. Anything good, we are taught to believe is bad. Anything bad we are taught to embrace or there is something wrong with us. We are all different, unique beings with varied upbringings from varied environments and circumstances but somehow, the vast majority of us end up on one side or the other by design. Only through Unity could we ever stand a chance at actually turning the world around for the better. Until then, corruption will continue to run the world we live in.



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