Crypto Decoded 2025

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Crypto Decoded 2025 is a Living Guide book to help potential investors, speculators and entrepreneurs better understand the various facets of the crypto space. A living guide book is one that gets added to over time based on questions posed by readers looking for more in depth information or guidance on a topic.

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After getting into the crypto space in 2017 I turned $3,000 into $90,000 in 60 days and started by journey into Youtube explaining how I did this. My channel grew quickly as I continued learning and educating on the blockchain space. At the low of the bear market cycle when Bitcoin dropped to $4,000 I hosted a Blockchain Convention in Cincinnati, OH with some of the best minds, traders and entrepreneurs in crypto speaking in hopes of educating people on the potential and financial opportunities of blockchain. Not many attended. The retail markets are prone to buying high and selling low and not really understand what or why they are buying to begin with.

The purpose of the Crypto Decoded 2025 Guide book is to help educate you on the blockchain space while growing its offering over time so as not to overload you, the reader with complex ideas or technical jargon many not in the space wont understand. This book is meant to lead you down the path of blockchain technology a fun and inviting way to ensure the seed is planted and your further understanding various topics can be expanded upon at your convenience.

This guide book is not to be considered financial advice in any way, nor is it an offering of securities. Jason Appleton is not a licensed financial advisor and the contents of this book are for educational purposes only and merely an expression of opinion. Previous market trends, indications or metrics do not necessarily mean the same will happen in the future as the crypto market is still in its infancy. Be careful and do your own research.


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