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Obtaining your Crow Audit Score not only helps you establish a positive reputation in the blockchain space, but helps other influencers get a 3rd party deep dive into your project.

Just Crow

Paid Segment With Crypto Crow



Paid in ETH or ADA


OFF FOR 5+ Minutes


Deep Dive Audit with Crow Score and Youtube Segment


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OFF FOR 3 Projects

Crow Score

Crow Score Audit NFT


Paid in ETH or ADA


OFF FOR 3+ Projects

Reputation Builder

If you are serious about your Web3 project and you want the world to know, you need a Crow Score to tell the world you got a 3rd Party Assesment by reputable 3rd parties in the space and an influenial blockchain educator to tell the world about it.

Crypto Crow


Crow Score 7pts

Premium exposure!

The Crow Score is about showing the Web3 space that you are here, have no fear and are willing to expose yourself to high level engineers to verify that you are a serious project and after that, we help you spread the word!

NFT Report

At the conclusion of your project assessment your report is minted on the Cardano blockchain by us as an NFT to certify that your Crow Score is Valid!

Issues Reported To You

If we discover code issues, typos or anything that should be resolved for the safety of your users, we will report them to you for resolution prior to final scoring. (Ultimate Only)


Your Crow Score Report will be shared with over 240 other crypto influencers from which they  too will be able to reference when reviewing your project.

Frequently Asked. Questions

You probably have more questions, so lets see if we can guess what they are.

Does The Ultimate Package Replace Smart Contract Audits?

No, as our primary goal in your assessment is more focused on your teams ability to release a safe and secure project not meant to rug pull, scam or otherwise harm investors. We will of course look to find any issues, but this isn’t replace a more in depth audits by groups like Certik that specialize in specific focuses.

I am a Web3 Marketing Agent, Can I Sell Your Service?

Absolutely! Our system is entirely on the blockchain as well as payments and payment distribution to affiliates. When a project lead pays, the payment instantly gets distributed to all parties. Just contact us for an ID account.

What If My Team Is Trying to Scam Investors?

Then you probably shouldn’t test our ability to figure that out. Our scoring is unbiased and focused on helping the public make educated decisions based on the validity and potential of what you’ve built. It’s not about shining positive light where it doesn’t belong. 

What If We Improve Our Project After Your Scoring?

For a nominal fee we will re-evaluate your project and update your report as merited.

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