Now 44 years old, I began exploring the world of politics, secret societies, UFO’s and pretty much anything I found interesting or bizarre since I was in my early twenties. I’ve spent years going back and forth politically between left and right basing my opinions on the merits of those running the show at the time and what I felt their agendas were. I ultimately came to the conclusion that politics was one big play put on for the public to have the illusion of choice.

As far back as Kennedy, various laws and measures were passed that would culminate over the years as various means of all but imprisoning the public or those that dont agree with a grand agenda and today we are seeing a great deal of this play out at alarming speed.

#1. Politics is a play put on for the public to have the illusion of choice. Politicians are in a game of play to win at any cost. Ego, power, control. Very few get very far without having broken many eggs and learning to “get along” is something all politicians must grasp quickly or be shown the door. The public doesn’t really decide who is in office, the corporate interests, media and other politicians do as they are they gatekeepers to the rest of the world. Corporations are paying both the Media in ad dollars and politicians in lobbying and both favor politicians that will help their bottom line. They have their own ecosystem and the bottom line is growth in power, position retention and control over those who when unified can send it all into the can for all of them. This is how division plays its role. The system is designed to trigger the public on a select number of issues to generate support and use those issues to maintain a level of division within society so as to prevent everyone from working together. We make politicians our leaders and chearleaders for what we believe to be virtuous efforts towards making things we believe in, better. However, they never seem to actually do any of those things, do they?

When I think of the Democratic party and where we are in terms of the media and big tech, big pharma all working together and how they have Left wing constituents passionately defending their propaganda driven agenda built from flimsy “science” that while promoted as fact, seemed to change and suffer constant inaccuracies for years as anything to the contrary of what has been laid out was censored, wiped out or the people putting out contradicting information were silenced in more ways than one, I cant help but feel like the “machine” have been using liberals as pawns in all of it.

We have a segment of society that have been outcasts most of their lives. Misunderstood, misidentified and ultimately ridiculed through life while looking for acceptance. Gay, Trans, Varied Races all struggling in a system that segregates them into groups of “Less than”, “Freaks”, “Unwanted”. People fear what they dont understand and most have too narrow a thinking process to grasp the differences in others and accept them as a gift of variety in a world otherwise dull. They are like an abused housewife, distraught, lonely and confused just wanting to be loved and understood. We have the politicians, complete with their social studies and advisory panels putting together campaigns to trigger these housewives as they say everything they want to hear and empower them to be strong, united and against everyone that doesnt think, look or behave the way they do as well as their political views. Like that man that has been eyeballing the house wife for years waiting for his shot, sliding into her DM’s and telling her how amazing, beautiful and intelligent she is. How he wants to make her happy and change her life, being nothing like that bad man she was with, when in reality, it’s all bullshit to get into her pants and once he has conquered her, he moves on to greener, less damaged pastures after having just magnified her problems.

Overall, the political arena today is wrought with corruption unlike anything before it and the division is so strong that I cant see a way to unify the public into a better place. We see mass censorship and worse happening to those on the right as the left defend these actions as to them, it further strengthens their position and convictions. We are seeing an entire body of people who once hated the government, big tech and big pharma suddenly cast away their mistrusts in favor of them while blindly putting their lives and health at risk at the same time. But here is the problem, the Right is no better. We can assume that the left have done enough damage and all eyes will be ever more focused on coming elections and they take a step back from whatever they may have done to secure the previous outcomes and the Right will take over. The Right will do nothing about anything. The horrible Executive Orders put in place since Biden took office, the destruction of our energy independence, all of it will remain as it is. In this analogy I compare the Left to a cheating husband, always up to no good and the Right, the knowing housewife who accepts it and does nothing in fear of losing her home, family and way of life. Its just easier to go along with the way things are but still have a sense of security. This is why we continue to grow closer and closer to a One World Order as now, other countries have been showing their hands in all of this and how it all relates to the World Economic Forum Agenda for everyone “owning nothing and being happy”.

The point is, its all bullshit and bickering back and forth about the inevitable does nothing but keep us all disconnected. I’ve tried countless times to engage in conversation with people on a political level with opposing views or beliefs but they have never ended up in anything more than aggressive name calling and a failure to consider anything but a hard indoctrinated perspective on things as though considering opposing views would be to dent ones identity where they feel they belong and are appreciated. To establish unity between various segments of society I believe we have to strive to understand why one holds on so strongly to a belief system and learn to accept others for their differences with patience before ever truly being able to reach them in a meaningful way. Instead of being the man that slides in and out of their life wanting only what we want out of them, we need to become a friend of acceptance and understanding. This is difficult when two people believe different things so strongly that you cant fathom the ideas of the other as having any merit. However, if ones beliefs are based on emotional acceptance while the other based on logic and facts, to find a middle ground between the two without pointing out how the other is wrong would be most fruitful over time.

2. Sexuality: I believe that everyone should live their lives the way they see fit so long as nobody is being harmed or hurt (unwantingly). Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Transgender and the rest of it, fine by me. Do you. Live the life that brings you the most joy and fulfillment. There is a great deal of ignorance that still plagues the country when it comes to sexuality and sexual preferences, however, that doesn’t mean grounds for attack from either side. It’s simple ignorance leading ignorance as two sides continue bumping heads in the dark. While I believe firmly that sexuality is a private and sensitive matter not necessarily to be worn on ones sleeve, when ones sexuality is warn openly in effort to draw in more comers (no pun intended), one is opening themselves up to speculation and possible ridicule by opposing views and this should be expected like in any other subject matter. I also dont believe in the growing and seemingly endless list of pro-nouns that one may use to define their sexuality as a label instead of simply having a discussion with others in private about their sexual interests. Sexual freedom is one thing, but when ones sexual freedom imposes restrictions on the rest of society, its no longer freedom.

I also dont believe that biological men should be competing against biological women in sports. If steroids are illegal due to their performance enhancing nature, one shouldn’t be able to thwart that policing effort by enlisting a naturally testosterone rich body into a sport made up of testosterone deficient women and be able to strip titles, medals and pride from those that have worked their whole lives to excel in said sport. This new issue makes a joke of all athletics as a whole as well as steroid laws associated with them. If you were born a man but you identify as a woman and have a desire to live as a woman, that is 100% ok. Do what makes you whole. Though, like weight classes in sports, there should be a similar structure in place for Trans athletes wanting to compete with one another in a more competitive environment without hurting the others. If you were born a man, have a penis and like to have sex with women, but want me to refer to you as a her or even have to ask how you prefer I address you otherwise I may upset or trigger a violent emotional response, you need therapy, not my acceptance.

The idea that our young children should be learning about transgenderism, gay, straight etc at the ages of 4-5 years old is disgusting. Lets say there is 1 gay child in a classroom of 30 that may grow older and begin questioning his/her/they/them/zi/sim/bat/cat’s sexuality, wondering why they look at the same sex with more affection than others do. Should we then attempt to further confuse their young minds with things not even in their thoughts? What other reason would we have to introduce bisexuality or homosexuality to young children?

When I was 17, I met a new friend who had just gotten out of jail at 23 years old. He was all thuggish and “hard”. Over the years I picked up on certain things he would do or say and couldn’t quite put my finger on what was different about him. One day he asked me if he could live with my mom and I because his parents kicked him out of the house but he wouldn’t say why. Maybe a month or two went by and he began hinting around about something he wanted to tell me but he was afraid. You see, for years he would lead the group in making anti-gay comments and jokes. Fag this and fag that. All sorts of slurs and of course we were young and stupid and joined in his tasteless jokes. Because of this, he was afraid to tell me, his brother from another mother what was bothering him. The next day after his string of “I want to tell you so bad but I’m afraid you’d dis-own me”, we were sitting in my room hanging out and he started his hinting again.

I looked at him dead in the eye and said, stop worrying, its ok, I already know. He said, “No way, there is no way you could know this, Jason. It’s big”.

I told him to relax, I said no matter what it is, he can tell me and I’ll always love him like a brother. “Tell you what, I’m going to write on this piece of paper what I think is bother you and fold it into my pocket. Tell me whats wrong and I’ll show you that I knew anyway”.

His eyes got big and he said “You really do know don’t you.” and he immediately started crying and shaking, “Jason, I’m gay. I’m gay man.”

I started crying like I am right now typing this out again after all these years as I felt his fear and pain, uncertainty and self doubt as he looked for acceptance from his best friend. I pulled out my paper and opened it up and it read “Are you gay?” and gave it to him and he began crying even harder. I stood up and walked over to him and just held him. I told him we are brothers for life, nomatter what and that I’ll always love him “Unless you want me to call you my sister now”. I had to crack a joke because thats just how we rolled. He laughed and the tension was broken and he knew he was safe. I was the first person he told after his parents. From there, he went on to tell everyone else. He changed from the white thug wannabe to who he truly was. His speech patterns changed drastically over time and the way he treated everyone around him changed as well. He was free.

The pain he held inside for so many years concealing his secret drove him to act out in ways that got him locked up. That mixed with a physically violent upbringing in a family of military men and women and a dad that liked to throw punches. Good people that you just didnt want to piss off.

When I think of my friend and others like him, I understand there is a struggle in all of us for different reasons and no path is easy. What would have been different about his life had he been able to be open about who he was from early on? How early is too early to begin having those discussions? What about the Tomboys that like to pretend to be boys in their pre-teen years who then grow out of it in puberty? Is it really our place to begin telling these young children that they may be gay or trans and begin conditioning them as such when in reality they are just trying to emulate someone they look up to in a phase of self understanding? Why should we be clouding that with our own agendas while adding to the confusion?

Overall, let there be understanding and safe places for all. Provide everyone with education about the various difference of society. Teach our children that it’s ok to be different from one another. Safe the sexuality for when they are old enough to understand and asking questions because of their own self interest or awareness. Until then, you’re just trying to program them to be something they may very well not be.



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