The impeachment games are over and it’s time to end the gloating, the name calling and aggression. The more we continue lining up to one side or the other, we become the very pawns those controlling the board look to us to be. I doubt many have been more bothered by the spiteful nastiness I’ve seen over the last several years than me. Maybe some folks are simply beyond the pale. However, if you truly see what is happening, I consider it our responsibility to kindly and intelligently try to help others see the truth, not from a direction of right or left, but truth, which is generally somewhere in the middle.

We know its easy to disregard angry words when attempting to communicate. We know that pointing the finger instantly spawns a defensive posture from those we speak with. We know telling someone how wrong we think they are only results in them trying to prove how wrong you are in thinking that way, etc etc.

To my neighbors outside of facebook who take pride in being on the left, I say, good. Now take a few steps back and try looking at the situation with some separation.

To my neighbors on the right, I encourage you to take a few steps back and look at things through a new lens. The left is not your enemy.

Many of us have been trained since our youth to find inclusion with like minded people. To build friendships, relationships and more with a particular ideal or set of ideals at the heart of it all. We have been programmed to follow instead of lead and have been trained to accept that, all our lives. We have been taught to work, consume and chase the American dream not realizing our lives begin with an estimation of value from day one. Everything we know in this country is perpetuated by someone making a profit from it. We’ve grown to accept this as just a part of life. Nowhere else in the world will you find pharmaceutical commercials during television shows in such abundance. Nowhere else in the world will you find so many unhealthy chemicals in the food eaten every day. Why do you think that is?

We have been trained to see through tunnel vision, ignoring facts, truths and reality in favor of a vision put forth by those that control what those not willing to look beyond the curtain see. I could show you a lock and tell you it’s keeping bad people away from your children and you may believe it, because you’re too close to the situation and being told each and every day, the lock is keeping bad people away from you. But take a few steps back and you may notice that the lock is on a door, keeping you locked away from the world around you.

Those controlling the pawns of this game are the ones laughing as they divert attention from themselves and turn us against one another. It is the great divide of man through politics, class warfare, race and now even gender that keep us all at each others throats while the rights of ALL of us are being stripped away, bit by bit.

Why does a Bill that is supposed to be passed to help the millions of Americans have to be over 5,000 pages long and contain so much bloat and nonsense? Who is the Bill actually for?

What we are seeing occur before our very eyes is a power grab unlike anything seen before. A questionable election at best spawning a growing and already record breaking number of executive orders undoing what one President has done while further establishing a potentially unbreakable foothold on future elections by bringing even more soon to be pawns in from other parts of the world en’mass? Why?

Why has the world colluded to work so diligently together to remove a President from office? From politicians, mainstream news and now even social media joining the fight. Why? Could it be that the corporations that buy advertising from social media and major news outlets didn’t like what Trump was doing so everyone got a letter saying “No more campaign contributions or advertising dollars unless he is gone!”, or is there something even more sinister going on?

We know after watching Trump’s Legal Team’s opening argument that so much of what the world was seeing on major news outlets was cut and edited to perpetuate a false narrative. How does that not bother you, regardless of which side you are on? If your loyalty and outrage can’t be established from the facts alone, then couldn’t it be true that more of what you believe was established wrongly as well? When do we begin to care that we are being lied to by everything around us and begin to ask ourselves “Why am I so full of anger and hate”?

Politics (from Greek: Πολιτικά, politiká, ‘affairs of the cities’) is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups, or other forms of power relations between individuals, such as the distribution of resources or status. The branch of social science that studies politics is referred to as political science.

When did this become a right vs left “thing”? When did politics quit being about the people and more about the corporations? When did we give up control of our world to 10 people that control the major corporations that own all of the big corporations and smaller corporations that we are trained to rely on for everything from food, beauty, clothing, entertainment, news and more? Why, through out this Pandemic have we been told to stay away from one another and small businesses forced to close while the major stores like Walmart have remained open? Why has everyone been pushed out of the scattered stores and into one big one?

It’s all control.

Let’s take John and Jack as an example. John is from an upper class family and was raised with an education from the best schools with parents that taught him how to achieve financial wealth, but they also pressured him immensely to uphold the family name. That pressure pushed John to rebel at times through his life and make some mistakes. He is human. He has friends of all classes.

Jack is a blue collar guy. He struggled in life with a Dad that couldn’t handle the pressures of struggling through life trying to make ends meet and a mom that tried to keep the peace at all times. Jack worked his way up from pushing barrels of cement, to laying brick to ultimately starting his own construction company. He wasn’t born into wealth, but he earned it. Like John, he does well for himself but got to where he is with different struggles and a different perspective on things.

If you ask them about their politics, they will likely tell you two completely different things. One considers himself a Republican and the other A Democrat, yet here they are in the same place, drinking their stresses away and trying to unwind.

Which one is which?

I’ll give you a moment to consider.

Think you know? Now think to yourself, why do you think you even have an answer? Is it because you have been programmed to put these two completely different men into a political category? You know what each of them should care about politically based on their up bringing?

The truth is, you think you know who is who based solely on a little story about each. How much do you think the government, the media, social media and the other major corporations know about John and Jack? I bet they know a lot more and they know what buttons to push to trigger them, what issues will make them argue with one another at the very bar they are sitting at. Do you think that after decades of probing and polling people from all walks of life those that control the board we live on don’t know how to divide us?

Now, what if I told you Jack and John were gay and that they were sitting together? How much does that change your perception? You were already committed to who you perceived these two gentlemen to be, don’t lie to yourself. All I did was tell you a little bit of a story and leave out some details. I also controlled the narrative and lead you to believe John and Jack had to be political at all. In just a few short words, I controlled what you thought, I provided you with enough information to lead your thinking into a non existent narrative and why? Why was it so easy to make you believe what you believed? Because you wanted to.

This is exactly what is happening all around you right now on a much larger scale. Either side is using key points, issues and other triggers to get a predetermined reaction out of you and if you subscribe to either, you’ve already submitted yourself to the woes of that side when in reality, neither side nor party truly has the well being of us at heart.

The point to all of this is simple. We enable and empower those above us to use us, sell us, control us and steal from us and have grown so blinded to the truth through indoctrination, manipulation and more, that we continue pushing forward believing we actually have a say at all in anything. We have lost our voice as citizens because we are tired, worn and exhausted just trying to survive. We believe that likes, comments and shares are the measure of our importance and work so hard at trying to manipulate others ourselves through filters and faked happiness photos on Instagram that the lines of reality have all become so blurred.

Everyone is looking to be heard. We are all looking for change. We are all also looking to Washington for the help and guidance that only we, the people can establish for ourselves by communicating thoughts, ideas and not fighting one another at every whim.

Going Right or Left only takes you one direction, but by communicating effectively, we can make progress to places those on either side have likely never been.

I encourage all who are reading this to grab someone from the other side and make a list, together of the issues you find are important in the world today. Once both sides have completed their list, research together to find what Presidents or political parties actually did anything to favor your interests. I’m willing to bet that in your research you’ll find that neither side has done much for either of you but they did a lot for the companies that helped them get their positions. I’m also willing to bet that if you discussed things clearly, you’ll realize that both side of the political structure use you and your beliefs to get where they are and yet, you’re still here, worried about and fighting for the same issues that brought you to that side years ago…

It’s time for a major change. It’s time for the division to stop. It’s time for all of us to rise above the madness, together and stop being used at every turn. We are bled like batteries for a machine that only drains us and replaces us every generation.