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Crypto Crow Terminated By Youtube

Crypto Youtuber Crypto Crow Terminated By Youtube Without Explanation. Censorship or Mistake?

On 4/8/2020, the world is wrought with fear and frustration in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. Quarantines and social distancing creating further separation of the public while waiting out the effects of the virus and word that the world can safely continue as usual. There is certainly a war going on, both political and scientific as fake news and bad science spreads rampantly across the internet and Youtube working towards slowing down the spread of misinformation. However, this isn’t about COVID-10 Misinformation, this is about potential censorship by corporate America destroying the livelihoods of hard working Americans and others in a time when the world is in chaos, all without so much as an explanation.

In 2017, Jason Appleton was the Vice President Of Sales for a National Mortgage Lending company. Previously an independent business development consultant for small to medium sized businesses with a specialty in helping mortgage companies establish new branch offices or transition branch offices from refinance business into the purchase markets. Appleton built his reputation through out his career based on his high level of integrity, hard work and the ability to educate and inspire others. On November 7th, 2017, Appleton took to Youtube as the Crypto Crow which he started with a web cam and a computer microphone in efforts to educate people on his discoveries in a new technological space that he felt was soon to change the world. It didn’t take long before his Youtube Channel reached 50,000 subscribers with an average of 2,500 new subscribers daily at which point cryptocurrency companies began approaching him for paid features on his channel. Crypto Crow was known for his brutal honesty, even during features paid for by companies he didn’t approve of. He not only informed his viewers of every paid feature, but if he didn’t like the project, he wouldn’t pretend to.

“Most of the time I didn’t even know what company I was doing a feature for until they had already paid and submitted links and materials through my booking support for review. They all knew, they were paying for exposure on my channel, not for a glowing review and if they didn’t believe enough in their project to take that risk, they shouldn’t. ” explains Appleton.

Crypto Crow has made it abundantly clear to his viewers that he is not only not a licensed financial advisor, nor a licensed tax accountant and the like, but he is constantly explaining that his content is entertainment and his opinion only and that everyone should always consult with their professional service provider. He just provides food for thought and nothing more. However, early this afternoon, Crow went live with a video related to Capital Gains Tax where he read portions of an online article whereby the author was explaining the difference between short term and long term capital gains taxes. Nothing different than many other Youtubers have published. The public was encouraged to speak to their tax professional about their personal situation before diving into swing trades so that they understood what those trades meant from a tax perspective ahead of time and didn’t get caught off guard later when the tax man came.

Later this evening, Crow was alerted in one of his Telegram groups that his channel had been terminated. Initially it was believe to be someone trolling as Crows Channel had never even received so much as a strike before. When Appleton went to find his channel, it was gone. The channel he quit his previous career to build and develop over 3 years was Terminated without an explanation.

Crypto Crow isn’t the first victim of this type of situation as others such as Ivan On Tech, Crypto Wendy-O and many others. Recently a string of Youtubers were deleted from Youtube without warning or explanation only to find Youtube saying it was all an error in their system.

Is this an error in Youtube’s system?

As Crypto Crow went back to the email account associated with his Youtube Channel, he discover that someone has apparently reported his video related to Capital Gains Taxes. The first email he received was at 5:34 PM EST.

Before that, at 5:24 PM EST, this notice was received.

Somehow, a reputable channel with no strikes or warnings, was warned and then completely terminated without further explanation in a matter of an hour. After years of building the channel, of which was Appleton’s primary source of income, wiped away with little reason.

Would had not been enough to simply Delete the video in question with a warning and some form of explanation as to what it was that broke the terms of service? This brings the question, was this one instance merely an opportunity to censor a reputable voice in the cryptocurrency community, or was this indeed and error soon to be remedied?

Situations like this are why decentralization is such a powerful counter force to corporate American and the world over. Entire livelihoods can be wiped away by an automated algorithm without it being a thought in anyone’s mind.

Appleton immediately consulted an Attorney friend with a great deal of experience with Youtube and other platforms and he explained that the best thing that could be done is submit the Appeals Form and make as much noise as you can due to the the fact that the majority of processes are handled automatically, not manually and that resolution to something like this, especially if it’s an honest mistake will come when someone takes notice and looks into the situation.

Lets hope this is an honest mistake soon remedied, but if it is indeed a case of blatant censorship, know that every Crypto Youtuber out there is at risk, without warning and can be gone tomorrow.

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