Crypto Youtube Advertising

Are you with a quality cryptocurrency project and looking to expand your message to a captivated audience of blockchain enthusiasts?  Crypto Youtube Advertising is extremely effective and you’ve come to the right place.

Crypto Crow has built a loyal following of crypto lovers since 2017. They follow him because of his straight forward, blunt, honest and transparent approach to cryptocurrency. If you’re wanting to hire Crypto Crow for a project review or promotional segment, there are some things you’ll need to know.

  1. He always discloses paid content both in the video and in the description of the video. Always has, always will. You can not offer to pay him a higher rate to get him to not disclose. Ever.
  2. You aren’t paying for a super positive review of your project. You’re paying for exposure to his audience. If you have misspellings, or errors all over your website, whitepaper, or other issues, they may very well be addressed in the review. Crow speaks his mind, even on paid content.
  3. All payments are make in advance of the paid segment with no exceptions.
  4. Payments for segments range between .25 and .5 BTC. As Bitcoins price rises, so does the general crypto viewing audience on Youtube. Crow used to charge 1  Bitcoin for reviews and that rate has been cut in half.
  5. Heather handles Crypto Crow bookings and can be reached on Telegram @Crowbooking
  6. Be weary of those impersonating Crypto Crow all over the web. They are everywhere and Crypto Crow doesn’t solicit companies for paid content. His telegram handle is @Upstager
  7. If you have a quality project, there is a chance Crow may be interested in a long term relationship at which point you’ll enjoy lower fees per segment, though these relationships are paid in advance to get the discount and are generally 30 days minimum.
  8. Crypto Youtube Advertising isn’t a guaranteed moon farm for your project. The exposure you get on Youtube is strong, but it’s up to you and the merits of your project to inspire the public to partake.

Crypto Crow Statistics As of January 2021