Are we about to be forced into a global economic system with a socialist focus?

As I discussed briefly on my Youtube Channel, I touched briefly on this crazy story of a network of White Hat Hackers that are supposedly leaking information related to a new global economic system they were hired to pen test called the CSRQ-SM system.

This system will utilize a blockchain based currency that will be fully programmable called the USDR (or named differently at the time of launch) and will be issued to citizens monthly. Your use of this currency will be determined by your social credit score, or, the more compliant you are, the more you will be able to utilize your money. The populations will be broken down into 4 Classes from Sovereign, the most free, with total control of their finances, personal property and no “medical” requirements, all the way down to Quarantined.

Now, to me, this all sounds like a work of fiction made up using the truths we do know so far. We know about Agenda 21, World Economic Forum, The Great Reset, the supply chain issues, the “medicine” narrative, rising prices of food, fuel and more, this story sounds like a fictional rendition of the things we know are happening but…likely extended in theory with quite a few liberties.

Do I think something like this could be actually be being developed? I certainly do. However, I don’t think that something like this can be implemented so easily when the US is still armed to the teeth and ready to fight a tyrannical regime wanting to take over.

In any case, here are the links for you to review and I do encourage your thoughts and comments on this topic on my Youtube video. Is this a crazy fictional story or is this a warning about what may very well be coming?

Above Top Secret Forum Thread

Interview with Gideon Part 1

Bill Sweet’s Twitter

Video That Outlines Some of this




  • Able S, July 18, 2022 @ 4:17 pm Reply

    Kinda has a little ng sales pitch to it without the close , how will cost to become a sovereign s class , well today we got special deal lol but I don’t put it past the ill-eats to do this either.

  • Randall, July 19, 2022 @ 9:11 am Reply

    G’day Crow
    I read a Book 20 years ago (that’s when I woke up to what is going on and coming in the future ) that just hit me in both sides of my brain and now I a 64. The NWO has been going on for centuries, but now they have the technology to transform it . Chinas people are the lab rats for them all and it works, they will comply it to the rest of the World ,when I don’t know but one thing is for sure June 2023 we are in for a Massive Solar Flare, the other Big one we missed around 9 days in 2012, it just hit Canada up North. Take good care of the family and friends , until then Mate stay safe.


  • Liberty2012, July 21, 2022 @ 4:40 am Reply

    I’m skeptical of it too. It’s a bit too sci-fi, too psyop.
    There are specific outcomes from the ‘Gideon interviews’:
    1) Make people afraid (then they are easier to control)
    2) Get people to give up (“There’s no escaping the app or the vax drones…so don’t even try to resist”)
    3) Make people complacent (“White hats are in charge…relax”)
    4) Smear certain celebrities who are effective in ‘activating people to awaken and take action’, and get us to distrust / discredit them. Perfect cover story for ‘smear campaign’ of certain alt-media celebrities, to give people reasons to distrust them. The minute these celebs are ‘outed’ as Sovereign class, it makes them look like they betrayed everyone. The screenshots would not be hard to fake, and all they need to do is generate a random biometric ID to make it look like each person is unique in order to generate fake screen shots.
    Fascinating information, and sure hope it’s not true. Would make a great movie (ala “Grey State”). Will keep an eye on it, but have lots of reasons to doubt the veracity of the story.

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