Since I got into the cryptocurrency space in 2017 I’ve never until recently realized what I perceive to be the grand picture. I’ve had assumptions that Bitcoin itself may be a secret government operation and even did a video on the original e-money back in the 90s that was a much smaller algorithm. When the NSA introduced the Clipper Chip to gain backdoor access into the system. Word of this caused the project to die until, 2009 when Bitcoin was introduced on a SHA-256 Algorithim.

The idea of a decentralized financial system means getting rid of the middle men such as the greedy banks and the system by which they thrive at the expense of the public. Right? Right now, banks are regulated by the government of course, however, as a middle man while they are forced to adhere to reporting and compliance they also operate independent of governments. Getting rid of the banks means putting the power of the financial systems into the hands of even fewer people that can dictate everything. But, thats not true! You may say. Bitcoin is Decentralized and nobody can control it! Sure, for the most part. However, every transaction on a blockchain is traceable and governments are already enforcing exchanges to comply with Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering protocols. This, ultimately helps to identify the users on a blockchain, cashing out or buying into the crypto space through fiat gateways.

Now, if a government of a specific country or even a global government wanted to control all money, know where it goes, how its used and when, they would not only need this currency on a blockchain by which every transaction can be tracked easily, but they would want it to be programmable. Such is the case with the Central Bank Digital Currency or the CBDC.

These digital currencies will, I believe, completely rid us of banks and other middle men in favor of a system that will enable governments to control every aspect of finance and it will all be in the name of environmental friendliness. How so? Well, do you buy too much red meat? That’s bad for the environment so now you’ll be limited to 2 hamburgers a week. Try to buy any more and your wallet wont work. Posting “misinformation” on social media? Now your ESG score has dropped and your allowance has been reduced. Have you been labeled a “terrorist” because you disagree with something the government is doing? Your wallet doesnt work at all now until your issues have been resolved. You may think this sounds crazy but I believe it’s happening and of course China has already begun adopting the CBDC. Perfect test bed for it isn’t it?

I believe the majority of the stable coins out there will be regulated away in favor of the CBDC and its likely all trading pairs on exchanges with have CBDC associated with them. All tracked and traced to individuals. Companies like Black Rock and Vanguard which own voting shares in just about every major corporation in the world will likely have something to do with this.

The World Economic Slogan “You’ll own nothing and be happy”, a goal set for 2030 is a scary thing. As we see the pandemic usher in various forms of tyranny all over the world, the worst countries of this lead by members of the WEF..we can begin to see a pattern. Why are Blackrock and Vanguard buying so many single family homes and rental properties? Why are we being pushed to stay in our homes and not work? Why are there food shortages across the country? Why are we being constantly threatened with WW3 and major cyber attacks that will likely be pinned on Russia? If you were to sit down and write down a list of all of the odd happenings over the past couple of years and all they all seemingly connect into one primary goal, I think you’d be surprised at what you’ll find. A country full of biased media blatantly lying about just about everything to make keep the public divided. Why? Because through conversation there can be found unity and in unity, we are too strong to take control of. One side believes the exact opposite of the other when the truth is often in the middle, yet you cant tell either side much of anything because they are so passionately attached to their narrative. This is all by design.

Take this all a step further and consider the Metaverse, a series of virtual realms that are enabling people to play games while earning a living without having to leave their homes. Entertainment and income all at once. Sounds about like the perfect time to change Facebook to Meta and begin revealing plans for what is to come, right? Everyone is looking for a break, some peace, an end to the nightmare. It’s not coming. The next decade is going to change everything we know about how to live, earn and enjoy ourselves and it wont be until this New World Order, first introduced by George Bush Sr. (Republican by the way) has been ushered in that we will be more Clever Together, if you will.

Overall, the future of money, the CBDC, Decentralized Finance Applications and more will become commonplace but likely not in the way you first imagined it. The dream of digital money, instant transactions with low fees outside of the reach of government control simply is just that, a dream. How you prepare for it today is what may well determine how much better off you are by the time this all comes together.



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  • Jared Richardson, June 23, 2022 @ 2:45 am Reply

    Thankyou for this! Very well thought out, and well written. I see it all pointing that way as well, unfortunately… I’d love to have an actual discussion with you, about what sort of things you see on the horizon, exchange ideas… I don’t have many people to talk with about this sort of stuff. Most people look at me like I’m crazy… Would be interested to hear your thoughts about XRP and the rumors going around about NESARA/GESARA. Email me.

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