As a Cardano advocate since 2017 when everyone else was slamming ADA in favor of their ETH bags, I dove deeper into the project and was fascinated by my findings. My first Cardano video was Dec 13th, 2017 and I continued driving through against the grain of the public while holding true to my core beliefs in the projects fundamentals.

Once staking became available, I pledge 100,000 ADA to my own Node and it’s been purring away ever since.

The CrowDano Node has minted 3,945 blocks as of this writing with over 1,000 delegators and over 20 million ADA staked.

Staking to the CROW node is easy, safe and doesn’t lock up your tokens. You simply search CROW in the delegation tab of your wallet (Daedelus is best in my opinion as you’re running an entire blockchain with it) and once confirmed, it takes 2-3 Epochs (couple of weeks) and you’ll begin to see new ADA being added to your wallet balance. The new ADA is automatically added to your stake.



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