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Stories Behind the TwistedTimes NFT Collection

They often say that perception is reality. One who can manipulate the perception of others can control the world. Over the years we have seen

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Crazy USDR Social System Story

Are we about to be forced into a global economic system with a socialist focus? As I discussed briefly on my Youtube Channel, I touched

democracy in 2030
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Democracy in 2030

When you think of Democracy, you think about having a say in the affairs of our country by voting in the political candidates we believe

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My Political and Life Views 2022

Now 44 years old, I began exploring the world of politics, secret societies, UFO’s and pretty much anything I found interesting or bizarre since I

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CBDC and the New World Order

Since I got into the cryptocurrency space in 2017 I’ve never until recently realized what I perceive to be the grand picture. I’ve had assumptions

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Cardano Staking with CROW Node.

As a Cardano advocate since 2017 when everyone else was slamming ADA in favor of their ETH bags, I dove deeper into the project and


Who Is Crypto Crow?

Jason Appleton, AKA Crypto Crow began his Youtube career while building a new mortgage bank branch office in Cincinnati, OH back in 2017. A lifelong