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Crazy USDR Social System Story

Are we about to be forced into a global economic system with a socialist focus? As I discussed briefly on my Youtube Channel, I touched

democracy in 2030
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Democracy in 2030

When you think of Democracy, you think about having a say in the affairs of our country by voting in the political candidates we believe

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My Political and Life Views 2022

Now 44 years old, I began exploring the world of politics, secret societies, UFO’s and pretty much anything I found interesting or bizarre since I

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CBDC and the New World Order

Since I got into the cryptocurrency space in 2017 I’ve never until recently realized what I perceive to be the grand picture. I’ve had assumptions

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Cardano Staking with CROW Node.

As a Cardano advocate since 2017 when everyone else was slamming ADA in favor of their ETH bags, I dove deeper into the project and


Who Is Crypto Crow?

Jason Appleton, AKA Crypto Crow began his Youtube career while building a new mortgage bank branch office in Cincinnati, OH back in 2017. A lifelong